Welding Thickness of Sunkko Welders

Posted by Binshan on Jan 16th 2019

Today we will talk about the welding thickness of Sunkko battery spot welders. I believe everyone has noticed that we have a brief introduction about the welding thickness in the title and descript … read more

Technical details of Sunkko BMS e.g. JFBMS134825

Posted by Binshan on Oct 30th 2018

JFBMS134825=JFBMS+13s+48V+25A discharge current Model JFBMS134825 Value Unit Charge data Over charge protection voltage 4.25±0.05 V Over charge protection delay 150 ms Ov … read more

Two types of BMSs and each wiring diagram

Posted by Binshan on Oct 25th 2018

There are two most common types of BMS on the market. The most obvious difference is one has "C-", and one hasn't. Please check the below pictures:1. BMS with C- wire:2. BMS without C- wire:when charg … read more

Limited Warranty

Posted by Binshan on Oct 21st 2018

Limited Warranty 1. What is covered? This limited warranty covers defects in main machine.2. What is not covered? 1. The warranty does not cover any damage caused by the owner modifying, attemp … read more

6 Points Need to be Noted on Sunkko Mobile Pens

Posted by Binshan on Jun 24th 2018

In this blog, we will talk about three mobile welding pens S71A, S71B and S70BN(red shell). These pens are designed for 797 and 709 series.We all know that there is resistance in any co … read more