Technical details of Sunkko BMS e.g. JFBMS134825

Posted by Binshan on Oct 30th 2018

JFBMS134825=JFBMS+13s+48V+25A discharge current

Model JFBMS134825 Value Unit
Charge data Over charge protection voltage 4.25±0.05 V
Over charge protection delay 150 ms
Over charge release voltage 4.15±0.05 V
Discharge data Over discharge protection voltage 2.7±0.05 V
Over discharge protection delay 150 ms
Over discharge release voltage 3.0±0.05 V
Rated charge/discharge current 18 / 25 A
Short circuit protection Yes  
Over current protection delay 10~20 ms
Balance data Charge balance voltage 4.18±0.02 V
Charge balance current 65±5 mA
Others Working temp. -40~149

Consumption ≤40 uA
Internal resistance ≤10
Connection diagram check this blog 
Waterproof/dust proof optional  
Distance between balance wires 2.0 mm
Length of balance wires 450 mm
Physical dimension 2.1x2.1x0.3 inch