SUNKKO 797DH Battery Spot Welder with Pulse & Current Display 0.3mm

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Sunkko 797DH is designed for people working in battery spot welding business. It has a great improvement in LCD display and design compared with sunkko 709 series.

Welding Thickness: The huge power output enables 797DH to weld pure nickel easily which thickness is 0.2mm(nickel coated steel: 0.3mm), even when you are welding batteries with the mobile welding pen, the welding thickness can be also up to 0.2mm.

3 Ways to increase the power output: You can adjust the welding current, welding pulses or the cluster pulse knob to increase the power output if you are welding a thicker nickel sheet.

LCD Display: The welding current and pulse can be easily set. On the basis of sunkko 709 series LCD, we added an extra part to show the dynamic welding current and pulse number during the welding process in real time. The value at the lower left corner stands for the dynamic welding current, 0.1 equals to 100 amps. The value at the lower right corner is the dynamic pulse quantity.

More Options: Sunkko 797DH gives users more possibilities at work, 797DH can be compatible with 3 types(71A, 71B, 70B) of mobile welding pen, and with our professional spot welding table, making your battery spot welding and diy process more smooth and efficient.


Voltage 220V, 50Hz or 110V, 60Hz
Power 3.8kw instantaneously
Max. welding current 800A (adjustable)
Pluse quantity 2 to 16P (adjustable)
Welding thickness 0.05 to 2mm(nickel coated steel: 0.3mm)
Mobile welding Pen
Length ≤22.8"
Cable cross sectional area 16 mm2
Dimension of welding pins 1.5 x 7 mm
Max. welding current 800A
Welding thickness 0.05 to 2mm(both pure nickel and nickel coated steel)
Net Weight 7kg
Machine dimension 14x25x20cm

Attention: This spot welder can be used to weld the nickel, nickel plated steel, nickel plated iron, iron and other alloys, but it can't be used to weld metal including copper and aluminum.

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