SUNKKO® 737U Battery Spot Welder 0.2mm

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737U is a combination of 737B and 788H-USB. It is specifically designed for battery welding (18650, 14500 and any other lithium batteries, etc) and can be used to weld nickel strips with thickness between 0.05 and 0.2 mm for nickel plated steel or between 0.05 and 0.15 mm for pure nickel strip. With the built-in LED light, you can even work at night.

We understand that after the power bank is done, the next step would be charging and testing, which is why 737U is equipped with three USB fast charging ports whose voltage and current are 5V and 2A.

There are two methods to improve the output power of spot welding: adjusting welding current level, adjusting pulse quantity. You may need to play with them a bit to get the best combination for your specific use.

To get more tips and attentions, please refer to the manual.

Specification for the welding part:
Input voltage: AC 110 V/220 V±10%
Welding current: 50 ~ 800 A
Single pulse time: 5ms
Max. pulse quantity: 2
Max. power output: 2.88 KW (instantaneous)
Welding thickness for nickel plated steel: 0.05 ~ 0.2 mm
Welding thickness for pure nickel: 0.05 ~ 0.15 mm
Product dimension: 9.1x5.5x7.9”
Product weight: 9.6 lbs

Specification for charging part:
Standard of cable charging ports: 4.2 V, 3A
Standard of USB charging ports: 5 V, 2A
Precision of constant current: ±2.5%
Voltage stability: ±1.5%
Measurement error: ±1.5%

Packing List:
737U main machine: 1 pc
Copper welding rods: 2 pairs
Battery fixture: 1 pc
Charging cables: 1 pair
Fuse: 2 pcs
Hexagon wrench: 1 pc
0.1 x 4 x 100 mm (nickel plated) 30 pcs
0.15 x 5 x 100 mm (nickel plated) 30 pcs
Manual: 1pc

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