48V 13s Battery Management System(BMS)

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A Battery Management System(BMS) is used for protecting your lithium battery pack during charging and discharging.

Wiring diagram

Charging protection: Sunkko BMS will keep the current in a stable state during the charging process and disconnect the battery pack from the charging process when it is fully charged. The BMS will also monitor every cell’s voltage and balance the cell groups to ensure they are charged equally.

Discharging protection: Sunkko BMS will monitor the discharge current and every cell’s voltage to make sure they are not over discharged.
Due to the heat generated when the battery pack works and the different thermal dissipation properties of different battery packs, we suggest that you choose a BMS, with discharge current  50% higher than the actual discharge current.

Temperature protection: Every Sunkko BMS is equipped with a temperature sensor. The BMS will stop the battery from being charged or discharged whenever the inner temperature of battery pack is higher than 149℉(65℃).

Thermal dissipation: The thickened aluminum plate greatly improves the thermal dissipation performance of the BMS.

Easy to install: The B- and P- wires are already connected, making it much easier to install. (Attention: Sunkko BMSs do not have a C- wire.)


Max. rated discharge current(optional) 18A 25A 35A 45A 60A
Max. rated charge current  18A 25A 35A 45A 60A
Cell groups  13
Voltage  48V
Working temperature  -40~149℉
Temperature control  Yes, cut-off point: 149℉
Waterproof/dustproof  optional
Physical dimension  1.9x1.4x0.2"  2.4x1.4x0.4"      


Tips for electronic hobbyist:
1. It is mandatory that know what kind of rechargeable batteries you are using, Sunkko BMS is only designed for lithium-ion cells, NOT for LiFePO4 cells.
2. The internal resistance as well as full charge voltage of each single cells in the same battery pack should be as consistent as possible.
3. Choose BMS according to the number of series, voltage and discharge current of your battery pack.
4. Make sure you connect the positive and negative poles correctly during your battery pack building process.
5. According to the charge current of the BMS, you also need to prepare a specific battery charger.


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