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Back in 1995,  He Shehong, a communications electronics engineer, who were upset that many domestic  tools for battery DIY assembling and repairing are in low prices and poor quality, while the imported instruments is too expensive. So he designed and manufactured high-performance equipment for battery assembling and repairing that are affordable to people. 

SUNKKO was born .It comes from "sun" and "recycle", which means that lithium batteries can last as long as the sun.In the last 28 years, we have been committed to developing advanced electronic equipment and testing instruments in China.We adhere to the "Professional, Focus,Create,Advanced" business purposes,replace imports and surpass peers.We have successively launched lithium battery precision spot welders/tester/equalizing and repairing instruments, etc. Our original intention has never changed.

Choose Quality, Choose SUNKKO

Developing high-quality and affordable products are SUNKKO’s invariable pursue.

Energy storage welding, AC spot welding and other specific technologies have many technical patents, so that we continue to lead the global industry peers.

Sell well in most countries such as Europe and USA ,and receive unanimous praise. Many users share their using experience on YouTube. 

Many global scientific research institutions(BYD, TESLA, CATL ,etc.) have continued to purchase SUNKKO products for repairing and producing batteries and precision equipment for many years.

Cooperation customers

BYD, CATL,TESLA, CSSC,Tsinghua University

SUNKKO's Growth

In 1995,SUNKKO brand was established.

In 1996,the smart fast charger for Motorola mobile phones developed by SUNKKO won the second prize from the Seventh Research Institute of the Ministry of Electronics Industry of China,which showed people "domestic substitution story", replacing Motorola's original slow-charging chargers in large quantities with similar performance and one-fifth the price.

In 2000,we launched a series of precision welding and equipment for testing and repairing  mobile phones.They began to replace Japanese and American brands in the market with original prices of 10,000 to 20,000 yuan.

In 2002,SUNKKO cooperates with universities and continues to establish laboratories, scientific research, and practical training bases.We have been continuously cultivating R&D talents for electrical electronic equipment for more than 10 years,

In 2013, we developed and launched the 787 and 788 series of dual-function AC spot welding machines, which are widely used in  repairing mobile phone, computer and other fields.

In 2014,the 709 series was launched to fill the gaps in spot welding for electric bicycle battery module production and maintenance.

In 2016,we obtained multiple patents for precision welding.SUNKKO products sell well all over the world, becoming an industry leader.

In 2017,we researched and produced battery module equalizers and testers. We maintained industry leadership.

In 2019,we researched and produced the new product integrated pneumatic welding machine. 

In 2021, we launched precision welding equipment which is half smaller than its counterparts and twice as powerful.

In 2023, we launched A330 pneumatic welding machine,which is ultra-small in size but current can be similar with  the machines with 5 times larger size.At the same time, SUNKKO's high-current equalizing series products can restore the battery life of electric vehicles lithium battery packs .They are very popular in the automotive repair market. Large-scale industrial-grade laser spot welding machines will also be launched soon...